Miss Katie hosts science- and music- themed birthday parties for kiddos 2 yrs & up. Read on for more information about our themes and how to book. 



Party Themes:


Unleash your inner mad scientist!

At your playSCIENCE party we will create colorful concoctions, mix up mysterious goo and explore other experiments together.


It’s your birthday, let’s have a parade!

At your playMUSIC party, we will celebrate by becoming a marching band. You and your friends will get to try out a selection of different instruments, sing along with Miss Katie, and build your own rainbow horn for the main event:  the parade!

Birthday Beats

Let’s make some music!

At your Birthday Beats party you will have a 30 minute interactive musical performance hosted by Miss Katie.



Booking Information

playSCIENCE and playMUSIC Parties

  • Price: $200 (up to 15 children)
  • Activity time: 45 minutes – 1 hour
  • Set up/ Break down: 30 min
  • Parties are customized for each age group, 3-10 years

Birthday Beats Parties

  • Price: $100 for up to 25 children
  • Parties are customized for each age group, 3-7 years old
  • 30 minutes



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